Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

Do you always wear shoes? Although shoes protect your feet from the cold or harmful objects, there’s a reason why wearing shoes isn’t always beneficial. When we wear shoes, we don’t receive energy from the earth. When you put your bare feet on the ground there is contact with the earth and mother earth is endowed with electrons and these electrons are literally absorbed through your feet.  It’s like taking handfuls of antioxidants but you’re getting them through your feet.  We need to absorb the electrons from the earth in order to balance out each part of our body with the earth’s electrical current.

Earthing means connecting to the earth to support the specific function of the organs of your body. It supports the body as a whole but it specifically supports organ systems down to the tissues and the cellular function of the entire body. All the systems in the body go to balance, to normal when you’re grounded.

The man who started the grounding, aka, earthing movement is Clint Ober. Growing up as a rancher in Montana, Clint Ober saw firsthand how humans and animals were supposed to rely on the earth for much of their needs. But as he grew up, he saw the disconnect forming. He first learned about grounding working as a cable installer. Ten years later, he formed Telecrafter Corporation and built it into the largest cable installer in the US. What set his company apart was the focus on the proper grounding of cable for safety and TV signal stability. Later, Clint entered the computer industry and helped increase awareness of the need for proper system grounding.  All this technical knowledge led to the curiosity of how grounding affects the human body. He had suffered chronic pain from his decades-long active lifestyle. After some creative experimentation with duct tape, he realized that grounding greatly improved his sleep as well as his pain. Fast forward to today where Clint’s company Earthing helps people ground their bodies with inexpensive products designed to facilitate the flow of the earth’s natural electricity.

Earthing has several benefits such as the reduction of inflammation and chronic pain, sleep improvement, better energy levels, and even less stress.

Here are a few more benefits:

Better circulation

Walking barefoot increases the blood flow to your legs which helps you feel less pain, have less varicose veins, and have warmer feet in the winter.

Lower blood pressure

Walking barefoot can help us increase our blood flow, lower our blood pressure, and lessen cortisol action which in turn decreases stress and inflammation all over the body.

Better balance

When you can feel the ground, you can better stimulate the balancing system of your brain. This is especially important for elderly people.

Less foot problems

Wearing the wrong type of shoes is normally the main cause of several foot problems such as calluses, bunions, athlete’s foot, and ingrown toenails.  When we walk barefoot, we steer farther away from these kinds of problems. Even arthritis begins to slowly improve as our feet get stronger, more flexible, and receive better blood flow.

Better posture

When we wear shoes, we are forced to move our hips back and forth straining our back, shoulders, and neck to keep from falling. When we walk barefoot the opposite happens. When we feel the ground, the nerve endings in our feet send us messages of balance. This can improve posture and balance as well as reduce stress and bodily tension.

Healthier kids

The American pediatric association recommends that kids walk barefoot as long as possible because shoes weaken and deform feet. According to Dr. Merzenich, one of the best neuroplastic physicians in the country, the stimulation we get from walking barefoot improves memory, attention, concentration, and intelligence.

More strength

Walking barefoot helps us to stimulate new muscles that are used for both balance and support.

Healthier feet

Our body follows an interesting principle- if you use something you must maintain it if you don’t use it ‘you lose it’.  When you walk barefoot your feet wake up and begin to strengthen themselves.

Reduced inflammation

Have you ever shocked yourself by touching something during the winter? This happens due to the difference in magnetic charge between your body and the object. This is the way your body gets rid of the unwanted charge.  Studies have shown that free radicals act on our inflammation by transporting the positive charge. Although these particles of positive charge play an important role in our immune system, if we don’t have a way to get rid of them, they build up in our bodies, causing excess inflammation and even cell and tissue damage.  The earth, on the other hand naturally possesses a negative charge.  Direct contact with the earth allows us to get rid of the positive charge found in the fee radicals.

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Through modernization and practicality, we accidentally disconnected from the earth which made sense but on the other hand nobody knew the consequences or the side effects of losing our ground, losing our electrical ground with the planet. I encourage you to watch the The Earthing Movie on Netflix because it is very enlightening and will also show you some personal stories of the benefits of earthing.  And for those who live in winter climates there are products that you can use in your home to help ground you.

The Earthing Movie: Netflix

What is Your Self-Love Language?

What is Your Self Love Language

Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages describes five different styles of showing your love. Whether it be to your spouse or loved ones. These include;

What Is Your Personal Self-Love Language?

How do you best respond to acts of love done by you for you? Most of us run through our days checking off our to-do lists. Ensuring that the needs of everyone else are met. By the time the day is over, you may be feeling tired or drained. Maybe even overwhelmed by the never-ending list of tasks that are yet to be completed.

Unfortunately, living like this is not benefiting your health or your relationships with;

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Children
  • Neighbours
  • Co-workers

It is time to tune in to what your self-love language is and start showing yourself some love.

Make Yourself A Priority

The five self-love languages are the same as what we listed above. However, you are going to be tending to the most important relationship you will ever nurture, the one with yourself.

This concept might feel strange at first. Especially if you aren’t used to focusing your attention on yourself. But I encourage you to power through those feelings. Really work hard on filling up your own love tank so that you can be a more grounded and happy person.

find your love language

Find Your Self-Love Language

Let’s take a look at how these different types of self-love languages could be applied to our lives.

  1. Words of Affirmation – The inner dialog that you have going on with yourself is vitally important to your health and self-image. Spend time everyday saying nice things to yourself.  While you brush your teeth, or in the car on the way to work, tell yourself 3 things that you value and love about yourself. With each passing day this task will become easier as you become more comfortable with having this type of dialog with yourself.
  2. Acts of Service – To perform an act of service for yourself, look at ways to fill your heart with joy.  It may be delving into your faith or volunteering at a local charity, or donating something to someone in need.
  3. Receiving gifts – Set aside twenty dollars per week (or whatever you can afford) to use to buy yourself something that you have always wanted, or invest in a hobby.
  4. Quality Time – Spend time doing something that fills you with joy and relieves stress.  It may be taking a yoga class, learning how to do a hobby, reading a great book, or it could be as simple as taking a rejuvenating nap.
  5. Physical touch – To show yourself love through physical touch, you could get a massage, a manicure or pedicure, get a new haircut, or get a reiki treatment. Other options would be to sweat it out at the gym or your favourite workout class.

Whatever your self-love language may be, start today by making yourself a priority.

Gentle Ways To Welcome The New Year With Self Care

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I have declared that this upcoming year will be the year of self care for myself and my family. So, this year, rather than having a specific resolution (that I’m not likely to stick to) I’ve decided to explore different ways to really improve my personal well-being through self care. I’m going to let my intuition guide me to figure out what I need at any given time to provide myself with the best self care possible.

What Does Self Care Mean To Me?

There are four major themes I’m going to focus on this year, which we’ll explore together below. My intention is to let my self care evolve as I make changes and become more grounded and focused.

Here are my four main focuses for a better me include;

  1. Become more gentle with myself
  2. Move my body in different ways, everyday
  3. Remove ‘junk’ from my diet
  4. Grow my list of hobbies – try new activities and visit new places

Become More Gentle With Myself

I have begun by allowing myself time to rest (and I don’t mean sleep). By taking time to;

I am providing myself with valuable time to relax and feel satisfied. My goal is to step away from the chaos in the world and work at keeping my life more tranquil and serene. I am working on pushing out the negative thoughts, media outlets, and interactions to maintain a more positive outlook.

I believe that gentleness is the cornerstone of self-care and my mission is to inject gentleness into my daily life, and routine. Even the mundane tasks, to experience them in a more meaningful way.

best stretches

Move My Body In Different Ways Every Day

My goal is to get off the treadmill (of life) and step into different ways to move my body.  I have already begun by incorporating;

I’ve been mindful to listen to my body and really connect with the sensations that are left behind in my body from a good workout. That also includes listening to my body when it is tired and needs a break from exercise.

best diet

Remove ‘Junk’ From My Diet

Over the holidays we tend to loosen our grip on our normal daily eating habits. This usually means ‘junk’ foods start to creep in and become the new “norm”. So, I have started focusing on removing the simple sugars, and foods high in unhealthy fats. I’ve also been more conscious of my portion sizes and making good food choices that are going to nourish my body and provide me with a clean source of energy.

Click here to read, “How To Find The Best Diet For You”.

Remember to be gentle with yourself here – we are not always going to make good food choices and feeling guilty about our choices is not a means to be gentle with yourself. Work towards a healthy balance that still allows some flexibility in your diet so you feel fulfilled and satisfied.

new hobbies

Grow My List Of Hobbies – Try New Activities And Visit New Places

This one is like a mini bucket list for me. Trying new things is exhilarating and it can help to strengthen relationships with our loved ones as we try new things together. My intention is to feel more free and alive with excitement to have the opportunity for new experiences.

Hopefully during this new year, you too will find ways to improve your self-care and infuse gentleness into your daily life. Let’s make this year more fulfilling, successful, and joyful than the last.