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In a world filled with misinformation and environmental toxicity we strive to provide natural family healthcare truths and guidance from leading natural health practitioners all over the world.  We have a growing list of Natural Family Health Centers from United States, Canada and beyond.

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This One Thing Has Been Linked To Almost All Diseases

“Mommy, I fell off my bike and now my knee is all red and swollen!”  This is what we commonly refer to and understand...

Scientific Key To Anti-Aging

Years ago, I found myself in the company of intellectuals having breakfast on the outskirts of New York.  During our meal, I noticed one...

::: MIND :::

A Scientific Validation Of Your Emotions

I have read many definitions of emotions while studying human behaviour.  The scientific discourse on the subject has drifted to many meanings and there...

Fibromyalgia – Doctor’s Discuss Mindset and Healing

Dr. Casey: Hi! Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you are right! Somebody famous said that once.  Dr. Morgan: Or a few people did! Today we are going to...


Top 5 Natural Flu Busters!

It’s that time of year when the weather keeps changing with fluctuating outside temperatures.  When our immune systems tend to be more run down...

Is It Time To Stop Eating Fruit?

I was asked an excellent question by a member of a private facebook community I started for people dealing with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.   She...


The Most Common Cause Of Foot Pain!

People rarely acknowledge how important their feet are to their everyday life....that is until they experience foot pain!  Think about it...you use your feet...

Stroke And Heart Attack Linked To Drinking This!

The power of the brain and nervous system amazes me.  A system that controls literally every process and function in the body.  Therefore, I’m...

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… Drs. Morgan and Casey Sinclair. Welcome to our website!  We are a family healthcare advocacy group lead by doctors and health professionals providing natural healthcare resources and education.

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