Gratitude – An Attitude For Success

Gratitude Synonym

“grace, gratefulness, appreciative, obligation, acknowledgment, thanks, recognition”

Grateful Definition

“Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness”

It’s been wisely said that “life is a journey, not a destination, it’s not about getting there, it’s about who you become along the way.”

This begs the question, ” how do I become the best version of myself along the way?”
Actually we spend most of our lives becoming the person we already are.  The best place to start to become that truly inspired person you already are is through gratitude and appreciation for life, being grateful for what is, as it is.  Science has shown that gratitude is the single greatest correlation with human well-being than any other character trait.

An Attitude For Gratitude

Emotional swings, anger, guilt, fear and depression are some of the common reactions to our daily lives of chronic stress, pressures and broken relationships.  Understandably, these are the challenges and chaos that evoke a life of ingratitude and despair that keeps pulling us down.  This is precisely when you need to transform those life stresses into grateful states of gratitude and order.  We usually experience an emotional charge when we see more positives than negatives, or more negatives than positives in a person, situation, or circumstance.  The greater the charge the greater the emotion.  When we begin to experience lopsided emotions we get further from our true nature, we lower our self worth and we assume a false persona of being either self righteous and cocky when we see more positives than negatives, or self deprecating and bummed out when we see more negatives than positives.  Our true self is neither, our true self is a centered, poised, stable, humble open hearted being that seeks the hidden blessings and balance in every situation.  When we are in a state of gratitude we are better able to balance our perceptions.  Anything or anyone you perceive with imbalanced eyes will run your life, anyone or anything you see with balanced eyes, you get to run.

The Art Of Gratitude

The best place to start in developing the art of gratitude is to take time out of each and every day to write a list of that which you are grateful for.  Initially this may seem difficult, but with daily practice, new neural pathways will develop in the brain as you prune away those old negative thoughts.  In time you will create a new state of mind and eventually gratitude will be a part of your new identity.  Many psychologists now believe that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ—both at work and at play,  click here to read ‘Choose The Path To A Happy Life’.

It’s All About Perception

Practice daily being mindful of your thoughts (metacognition) and eventually develop the skill of balancing your perceptions by asking yourself “what are the benefits and drawbacks of those negative and positive situations, circumstances or people.”  Your certainty and non-judgement will rise proportional to your level of gratitude.  Now that we see how gratitude is perfectly balanced perceptions of mind, you will become more inspired and unconditionally loving, while decreasing the divisiveness in your mind and increase your self worth.  While ingratitude is often associated with depression and despair, conversely gratitude increases your dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain acting as a natural antidepressant.   Click here for additional support on finding inner happiness and see how meditation can benefit your health and assist you in finding enlightenment and gratitude.

Also, YOU must address all areas of your health for your body to heal.  This includes your mindset, nutrition, exercise, environment, and nervous system.  Many people make it all about one thing (i.e., Nutrition or exercise) and neglect the rest.  This alone will not give your body the opportunity it needs to heal.  click here to learn more about How Our Perceptions Affect Our Pain.

Appreciation Is Key

In conclusion, everyone wants to be loved and appreciated by others.  The appreciation you have for others is only proportional to the appreciation and love you have for yourself.   Once you achieve this state of mind through gratitude you will begin to attract people, places, things, and events to help you fulfill your purpose in life.  Remember, be grateful for what you are given and you will be given more to be grateful for.

Talking about having an attitude of gratitude is an easy statement or piece of advice to give, but how does someone develop this attitude?  Click here for a simple action plan to work on developing an attitude of gratitude today. 

In my next blog we will continue our talk about controlling our emotions.  How thinking is the language of the mind, and feeling is the language of the body, and if we don’t keep our thoughts and feelings in check, our bodies eventually become the mind.

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