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LIVING WITH FIBROMYALGIA? The following Fibromyalgia test will help you determine if you have the metabolic fingerprints of Fibromyalgia. Diagnosing Fibromyalgia is a challenge. There are many illnesses with similar symptoms that can be misdiagnosed as this condition that should be ruled out, and although there isn’t a specific blood test, there are markers that suspected patients with fibromyalgia will have that point in the direction of a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia . This questionnaire we have prepared is a simplified version of the diagnostic criteria provided by the American College of Rheumatology. Please note that there is not definitive diagnostic questionnaire available and you should always consult your doctor for medical advice any health concerns, however this tool can be used to provide some guidance. Fill in the form below and click the big button at the bottom to analyze your results.  Also, click here to learn about foods to avoid with fibromyalgia.

A. Widespread Pain Index

This is the first part of the fibromyalgia test. Where do you feel your pain? Using the diagram above indicate each of the 18 tender points on your body you have experienced pain over the past 7 days and count 1 for each point.

Total number of pain points: /18 Points

B. Symptom Severity Scale

Using a scale of 0 (No problem) to 3 (Severe and Ongoing), rate your symptom severity over the past week in each of the 3 categories.

Fatigue Waking Unrefreshed Brain Fog
/3 /3 /3

C.  Somatic Symptoms List

People with Check any symptoms you have experienced over the past week. Symptoms include:

Muscle Pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Thinking / Memory problems
Muscle Weakness
Pain/Cramps in Abdomen
Numbness / Tingling
Pain in Upper Abdomen
Chest Pain
Blurred Vision
Dry Mouth
Hives / Welts
Ringing In the Ears
Oral ulcers
Loss/ Change in Taste
Dry Eyes
Shortness of Breath
Loss of Appetite
Sun Sensitivity
Hearing Difficulty
Easy Bruising - Hair Loss
Frequent Urination
Bladder Spasms

12 thoughts on “Online Fibromyalgia Test”

  1. This test doesnt work. I fill out the whole thing click analysis results and it just goes back to a the test blank again

  2. No problem with the test,it worked fine. I am going to share the results with my doctor and go from there. Glad to have a tool that helps you understand what is going on with your body.

  3. The test worked for me I answered all the questions it provided which before this my doctor said he thought I had it ..and I have asked for a second opinion and did this online test and it said I had a strong chance.I also read some of the comments above and at the very top after you finish is where the results pop up if you scroll down to far it will have a the blank test to do over again.Hope that helps someone in the future 🙂

  4. Thank you for providing this test. I have had chronic pain for years and I had a suspension that there was a possibility that I have fibromyalgia.
    When I see my Dr. in February I will share this info. It will be a bit difficult to find the right diet to follow as I suffer from colitis and a history of kidney stones. The diet you recommend is not what I am suppose to eat for the other 2 conditions I mentioned. Nuts and protein are one of the foods that I should not be eatting much of.

  5. I would like to know whether there is an online site where one can log the varying pain points and other feelings to get a graph of evolving pains or other statistics. I was thinking about creating a small blog web site for this, but I first want to see whether this already exists. This would also be a great tool to publish anonymized stats on the different aspects of the pain and hoe those evolve.


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