What Is Gut Microbiome?

gut microbiome

In this article we’re going to explain what exactly is the gut microbiome.  However, before we do let’s dive into how to the gut functions.  When you think about the gut, you might just think of it as part of your “digestive factory” processing the food you ingest. However, this is only a small fraction of what it and your digestive system are responsible for.

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The gastrointestinal tract, also called GI tract for short, is an organ system. It takes the food we eat, digests it to extract and absorb energy and nutrients, and then excretes the remaining waste as feces and urine.

In addition, it acts as a moderator for various important bodily functions. It is quite literally the “core” of our well-being. From immune cells to neurotransmitters. A properly functioning GI tract allows our health to thrive. However, in the same sense, an improperly functioning gut can cause a variety of illnesses and health conditions.

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The Nervous System And Your Gut Microbiome

Contrary to popular belief, your gut actually possesses its own ‘nervous system’. Comprised of its own neurons and ability to produce neurotransmitters. This is called your enteric nervous system, which has been said to function independently of your central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Yes, that’s right, your gut quite literally has the means to act as a second brain!

The brain and the gut communicate via two pathways. Neural communications which include the vagus parasympathetic system and systemic communication which include the HPA axis, neurotransmitters, bacterial metabolites, and cytokines.

We have known for a long time that the vagus nerve plays a significant role in the
communication between the two organs. However, the importance of the systemic communication between the two have been also reinforced. In fact, evidence exists that the brain and gut still continue to communicate even when the vagus nerve is severed.

While many believe that the brain is the primary organ in charge of information transmission to the gut, your enteric nervous system actually sends far more information to the brain than it received from it. This reinforces the importance of gut health even further as research now shows that problems in your gut can have a direct impact on mental health.

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Gut Feelings

At some point you have probably heard someone say, “I had a gut feeling.” Well, recent research shows that there might be some truth behind this saying. Those butterflies in your stomach actually have a direct correlation with thoughts, emotions and moods.

Although we are not entirely sure how the link between the gut and our mental wellbeing functions, we know that certain neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) are largely mediated through the good bacteria found in the gut.

As a matter of fact, the gut produces a large quantity of the body’s neurotransmitters! In addition, it also possesses two thirds of the body’s immune tissue, has greater metabolic activity than the liver, and possesses ten times more microbialm cells than human cells!

It also possesses a genome (genetic material) 100 times larger than the human genome. Your body is literally filled with bacteria. Before you freak out—rest assured this is a good thing.

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Gut Microbiome And The Benefits Of Bacteria

These tiny microorganisms that make up your gut microbiome have an enormous impact on our overall health. Around 100 trillion bacteria live in the gut and provide important benefits such as;

  • Helping you detoxify from the toxins you are exposed to
  • Balancing the nervous system by serving as a source of neurotransmitters
  • Optimizing immune function
  • Absorbing vital nutrients

Most of the time, when we experience problems in these areas, we are quick to blame genetics or age, not realizing how our lifestyles play a big role in our gut health. This ultimately determines the functioning of many of the other systems as mentioned above.

Studies show that a whopping 70% of Americans have digestive related symptoms and diseases. The underlying causes of said gut-related diseases can be rooted back to;

  • Excess toxins
  • Allergens found in food including mold, pollens, and chemicals
  • Microbes such as ticks, yeast and parasites
  • Physical and psychological stress
  • Poor diet and antibiotic overuse

In fact, 40% of all adults and 70% of all children in the U.S. take one or more courses of
antibiotics every year, which wreaks havoc on their gut health and leaves them susceptible to other issues.

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Your Blood Can Be a Window into the State of Your Health

live blood cell

Live Cell Microscopy (LCM) provides an extremely close look at your blood.  Unlike traditional blood tests, an LCM test gives you a more current picture of your overall health and well-being.

Traditional blood tests that medical doctors employ are essentially an ‘autopsy’ of our blood because of the time lag to actually perform the test from the time it was drawn. This is very different than with a Live Cell Microscopy test, where the blood is still living.  

With living blood, we can see more than what a traditional blood test will reveal.  What’s more, the results are immediate so you do not have to wait a week or two to get your results.

Are traditional blood tests still useful?

Each type of blood test offers its own set of advantages. From a medical standpoint, a traditional blood test is essential.  From a holistic standpoint, we are trying to acquire a snapshot of your overall health, a live blood cell test is ideal because it helps you see things differently.  As such, an LCM blood test is not a medical procedure, nor does it offer any sort of diagnosis or prescription.

How is the test performed?

A drop of blood is painlessly extracted from your fingertip and then it is placed on a slide so that it can be viewed under a specialized microscope.  At this stage, since the blood is freshly extracted, it is still very much alive.  The microscope is attached to a screen so you will be able to see your live blood while it is being assessed for any indications of concern. 

What can a Live Blood Cell test reveal?

An LBC blood test gives a clear picture of your general health, including:

• Nutritional deficiencies, including iron, B12, folic acid and essential fatty acids
• Digestive issues like leaky gut syndrome and liver stress
• Oxidative damage due to stress, smoking, alcohol or other poor lifestyle habits
• Immune system balance
• Inflammation
• Digestive health including digestion of fats
• Parasitic infections
• Allergic tendencies
• And much more…

At the end of your test, you will receive a report that contains recommendations to follow in order to improve your health (for instance, nutritional changes or suggested treatment modalities and/or supplements).

Tips for a great session:

1. It’s best not to eat any food 3 hours prior to your appointment.
2. It’s recommended that you drink lots of water for several days leading up to your appointment.

Live Cell Microscopy can be an essential part of measuring your healing progress

Live blood tests are offered as a series so that you are able to use them to measure your progress during you treatment program. Your first test will provide all the necessary baseline measures needed at the start of a treatment program. Thereafter, each subsequent test is used to measure your progress, these tests are powerful motivators. Most clients continue making positive changes in their lifestyle because they are able to see instant results that are real and meaningful.


Blog by Guest Author:

Cassie LandolfiCassie Landolfi
B.A. Homeopath, DHMHS, Live Blood Cell Microscopist, Nutritionist & Certified Bellicon Instructor

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How to Detoxify without Retoxifying Your Body

How to Detoxify without Retoxifying Your Body

Everywhere you turn, you hear about detoxifying your body. But what are you not being told?

What do you need to know to detoxify safely without re-toxifying your body?

You can think about it like you would a traffic jam. There are potentially hundreds of cars trying to make their way down the highway but there are only three lanes and when you have so many more vehicles than there is room for on the road, you end up in chaos.

So what happens is that when you are adding in intense detoxification methods, it can sometimes wreak more havoc on your body than if you had just left things alone. So the answer to not re-toxifying your body starts with a very gentle process of a gentle detox.

The main forms of detoxification for your body are through your intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin.


Your intestines rid you of food toxins that you are finished pulling out the nutrients from. This is also a place that bodily toxins are dumped for removal. But often, your digestion can be sluggish from eating too much meat, grains and dairy products. (You should be pooping at least twice per day… if you’re not, you can be sure that you have serious toxic build up in your digestive tract). So the first thing we need to do to start a gentle detoxification is to start moving out those old toxins that are stuck there before we start delivering a whole bunch more toxins for it to process and be overloaded.

Start by increasing your water intake – and add lemon to it to add a bit of a added clean-up assistance. (I love to peel a whole lemon and throw it in my high speed blender with a litre of fresh water, and then strain it to remove the tiny pit pieces that break apart). This will help to start gently encourage movement of toxins out of your intestines.

Then start adding in more fibre to keep your intestines moving. The fibre acts like a broom and sweeps up the toxins and helps to move them out. The best forms of fibre are fruit and vegetables! Eat more than you ever have before!


Your kidneys filter your blood continually, all day long, and never rest. They pull toxins from your blood supply and deliver them to your bladder to be removed from your body in your urine. So yes, you guessed it! More water! 3-4 litres per day and more if you are super active.


Your lungs are always delivering fresh oxygen to your body, but they also help to expel toxins on the exhalation. So take a few moments several times through the day to do some deep breathing exercises. AND move that body!! Breathe hard, make it work and make it sweat! We were built to move.


We chatted about moving that body! Your sweat will help to move toxins out of your body, so try to get some joyful movement into your schedule every day.

Additionally, dry skin brushing is an excellent way to encourage the release of toxins from your skin by using a natural hair bristled brush and very gently brushing your skin from the bottom of your body toward your heart. And from your hands and arms to your heart as well. Use gentle strokes or circles. The keyword is GENTLE – your lymph drainage system is extremely fragile and can only respond and pump the lymph when its movement is gently encouraged.

Chiropractic Heals Nothing!


In the mainstream world, chiropractic is thought of as healing the back and neck pain.  However, in reality, chiropractic doesn’t heal anything!!  What it actually does is remove the interference (subluxation) in your central nervous system, which allows YOUR BODY to restore health through its innate healing abilities.  All on its own!!

Your body functions because your brain says it must. Your brain controls every aspect of your body with messages that are sent through your central nervous system which is encased by the bones of your spine.  If any of the bones in your spine become out of alignment, they put pressure on your nervous system.

Misalignments, also referred to as a subluxation, can happen from hunching over at your computer desk, continually looking down at your phone, or repetitive use injuries.  They can also happen due to stress, traumas and toxins.


When your spinal bones put pressure on your nervous system, the nerves are unable to properly send all of the messages from your brain to the rest of your body to allow your body to function and heal at 100%.

This is why it is critically important to have your spine checked regularly by a Doctor of Chiropractic.  They can identify areas in your spine that have shifted out of alignment, and adjust them back into alignment.

Once your bones are trained to stay back in alignment, the interference to your nervous system are removed.  Your brain can now regain the ability to communicate at 100% with the rest of your body.  Thus, allowing function and healing to return.

This philosophy is true of healing back pain and any other health condition experienced.  For example, if you had a subluxation (misalignment) at the area of your spine that allows the messages from your brain to get to your stomach, your stomach would be unable to function at 100%.  You may experience various digestive issues and discomfort.  By removing the interference to the nerves that direct the function and healing of your stomach, health is able to return. For further help with gut help, click here to read, “6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gut Health”.

What Your Body Wants!

Your body wants to be at 100% health all of the time.  Give it the opportunity to create healing by removing the interference.  These interference’s are generally subluxations in your spine.  However, they can also be emotional stress and toxins you are exposed to.

To support your healing, it is important to feed yourself with care, try:

Have your spine checked to remove the interference’s from your nervous system so that you can express optimal health!  Click here to find a chiropractor in your area.

Remember, the very first subluxation happens at birth, so be sure to have your little ones checked too.