What? For years we have been told to avoid fat. The 1980s saw the craze of the low-fat diet, yet obesity rates soared in North America. Everything in the supermarket was low fat. Forget that full-fat cottage cheese, sour cream or bacon! Then the ‘get moving’ movement came along…get out and exercise! Still excellent advice of course, but then why are we as a society more overweight than ever 20-30 years later?

Well, think of what manufacturers have to do to their product when they take the fat out? They add SUGAR!  And sugar is everywhere…even in milk!

But “Isn’t sugar just calories, not fat?”

And haven’t we been told the calories in/calories out formula, so “if I eat and then exercise, I won’t get fat”.

Not completely true. There are a lot of well-researched articles out there that explain this in depth, but the simple bottom line is that sugar is making us fat. Why?

Sugar is glucose. Our blood cannot have an excess of glucose in it and so we have a hormone called insulin that regulates it. Insulin is crucial to life.  Insulin allows the cells in the muscles, fat and liver to absorb glucose that is in the blood. The glucose serves as energy to these cells. Our bodies are smart. The cells take only what they can use. No more.

So what happens when our cells have what they need, but there is still more glucose in our blood? For the sake of our health, insulin will take care of that!

It will convert it into fat, which appear on our tummy, thighs, arms…yep, all the places we’re trying to ‘burn it off’!

Yes, our fat cells will always take more. They are never satisfied, nor are they like the other cells, taking only what they need.

So, our excess glucose is now FAT. What is more, its not only from sugar!

Did you know that eating more protein than your body needs also converts to glucose? Also, foods high in carbohydrates act as a sugar in your body! Rice, pasta, potatoes, breads….all are glucose in your blood stream that insulin must deal with.

But our cells need energy! That is where FAT comes in. Our cells are designed to obtain energy from fat and our brain needs fat to function properly.

We’re not talking about harmful trans-fats, but rather the mono/poly-unsaturated fats that come from vegetables and plants…think avocados, nuts and salmon. Also, some saturated fats in moderation are necessary too, despite even what national health guidelines may tell us. Saturated fat and cholesterol are essential to brain health and are not to be avoided! Read about all the benefits of coconut oil and enjoy!

Not only are fats essential to our body, they are low on the glycemic index and keeps insulin low.

When you think about it, we have ‘essential’ proteins, fats and amino acids. But have you ever heard of an ‘essential carbohydrate’?

Consuming fat is also more satiating and keeps our blood sugar levels balanced. You won’t have those super cravings for “I’m so hungry I could eat my arm off!” and then make poor food choices.

With insulin low, and blood sugars stable, your brain will make appropriate choices and you will feel fuller longer.

Fat has all sorts of other great health benefits. So don’t fear the fat! Eat more fat, eat less carbohydrate foods and sugar, and your brain will thank you; not to mention you will have greater energy that is sustained throughout the day.

My Own Testimonial

I started a high-fat, low carb way of eating in the summer of 2015. Within a few weeks I was eating less food in general, not consuming the copious amounts of food that our society seems to believe we need. Because of reducing sugar-laden foods, my taste buds became more sensitive to pure natural tastes and meals are so enjoyable. My digestive system is now happier, my brain fog is gone, I lost 40 pounds by spring and have kept it off. When I get hungry, I’m not ‘hangry’ and can prepare wholesome foods for my family. The research I’ve done on FAT has been well worth it and you may find it worth it as well. Fear not the fat!


Guest Blog by Andrea Kuypers:

I am a wife and mother of 2, living in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia and co-founder of Hairmetto Industries Ltd. and RUUT Essentials. It is with deep awe and appreciation for all the earth’s abundant provisions and nourishment that we seek out the properties of natural oils to nurture and assist the body to do what it was designed to do. Now that our kids are grown, my husband and I love to travel, exploring new cultures and foods and enjoy getting to know the people we meet along the way.

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