Myth or Fact? 8 Health Beliefs Debunked

myth or fact

Every day we read something about health, diets and physical activity and when we go to the grocery store we are bombarded with labels (gluten free, lactose free, low sodium, low fat, etc…).  All those situations make us confused and we don’t know how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle; Should I avoid carbs?  Should I do cardio every day?  Is it bad if I don’t choose a low fat yogurt?  To help you have a clearer picture  check out the following myth or fact statements!

Salads Are The Healthiest Option On The Menu

Well it is not as simple as that.  A salad at the restaurant may not be like your homemade salad… Usually they contain bacon, cheese, croutons, sweetened dried fruit and of course the bottled dressing.  They may actually contain the same amount of calories than a burger or a bowl of pasta.

Potatoes Are Unhealthy

They have been considered a bad carbohydrate for years.  However, potatoes with a protein and a healthy fat source make a healthy and nutritious meal.  They are also an excellent source for fiber, vitamins C and B6.

Brown Rice Is Better

Brown rice contains more fiber than white rice but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid white rice.  Rich in iron and folate, white rice could be a good option and both types of rice have health benefits.

Organic/Vegan/Gluten Free Food Are All Healthy

Organic chocolate, vegan cookies or gluten free crackers are still chocolate, cookies and crackers whatever the label.  They may have the same amount of sugar or fat as conventional versions.  The best way to choose a product is always to be a detective and check the nutrition label.  Click here to learn the truth about organic foods.

Egg Yolks Are Bad For You

Eggs (whole eggs) can be part of a balanced diet.  Latest research shows that they don’t actually contribute to high cholesterol and they contain vitamins A, D, E and K and omega-3 fats, biotin and vitamin B12 as well.

Cardio Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Myth!  You don’t need to run 1h on the treadmill to lose weight! (you’re welcome – I know that some of you don’t like cardio…).  Sure cardio workouts help to create a calorie deficit (paired with a healthy diet) and we all know that’s essential to lose weight however, adding strength training could help lean out; maintaining lean muscle mass requires higher energy – that means you burn more calories at rest to keep it.

Feeling Sore Means You Had A Good Workout

Being sore is not necessarily a sign of a good workout.  Sometimes we feel muscles soreness after a new training, exercise or more intensity, because of a new stimulus.  Our body is simply preparing our muscles to do this activity again.

You Should Work Out Every Day

No, total myth!!!  You have to rest guys!  We have to give our body time to recover because without rest our muscles can’t rebuilt stronger. Over-training can also disrupt women’s menstrual cycle, cause sleep and mood problems.

With Internet, magazines, TV shows (and Monica your best friends who “knows” everything), it’s not easy to know which information is myth or fact.  That is why it’s important to talk with a healthcare professionals before making any lifestyle/diet changes and, because we all are different, what works for Monica (your best friend) may not work for you.

The #1 rule you should keep in mind is: Always listen to your body, s/he knows what’s good for you.  If you enjoyed this article check out True Heath – How Most Of Us Get It Wrong and Is It Time To Stop Eating Fruit?

Scientific Key To Anti-Aging


Years ago, I found myself in the company of intellectuals having breakfast on the outskirts of New York.  During our meal, I noticed one of my colleagues pleading with a friend to take this ‘special supplement’ to help with his health.  This is a very familiar scenario for many health professionals.  Dealing with the outrageous claims made by some supplement companies is, dare I say, a problem.  Firstly, you don’t want to give people false hope when they are in crisis mode requiring medical attention.  Secondly, some claims are just outright false or at the very least misleading.  However, this was a person with a PhD from a very prominent university in America, so I continued to listen.

The term “cellular repair” kept coming up.  After realizing she had been using the supplement herself, I couldn’t help but think that anti-aging could be affiliated as one of the effects of this supplement.  From all the years I’ve known her, I would definitely describe her appearance as a person who hadn’t aged in decades.

I was interested in learning more about this wonder supplement.  Therefore, I began to look into the contents and research behind its claims.  In short, what I came across was intriguing.

The Role Of NAD+ And Sirtuins

Researchers have demonstrated that cellular health is dependent on two things: A coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).  And proteins called sirtuins that are dependent on NAD+.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a vital coenzyme that exists in all of your cells.  It ensure that your cells function properly.  A coenzyme is like a “helper” molecule.  It binds to other enzymes to help cause reactions at the molecular level (3).  The supply of NAD+ in the body is critical in supporting our health.  Also, it plays an important role in processes like DNA repair.  NAD+ is also used for the following processes and mechanisms:

– Energy production (ATP)
– Chromosome Stability
– Immune Cell Signaling
– Energy Enzyme Activity
– Brain Health
– Longevity

During the aging process, NAD+ levels drop dramatically.  Sirtuins are proteins that depend on NAD+ levels to function.  Sirtuins have been implicated in influencing a wide range of cellular processes.  Examples include anti aging, inflammation, stress resistance, energy efficiency and alertness.  Furthermore, it can also control or influence circadian rhythms and mitochondria (1).  Too sciency right?  Let’s just say, sirtuins are very important proteins.  Regardless if you have a scientific background or not, it’s important that we all try to understand a little more about the chemicals that we put on and in our bodies.  So many of use potentially harmful chemicals without giving it a second thought especially when it comes to the fight against aging.  Click here to learn more about what chemicals are you putting on your face.

Important Discoveries

During an e-mail exchange with the company that produces the supplement, they revealed to me that “there are two notable discoveries worth mentioning.  During the year 2000, it was demonstrated that many critical cellular metabolic processes are NAD+-dependent.  However, in 2013, it was demonstrated that declining NAD+ levels, leading to poor mitochondrial and cellular health, could be reversed.”

Wait what?  The reason we age and eventually die is because mitochondria fail to repair, and our cells die (4).  If research has demonstrated that this process can be reversed, could we theoretically live forever or at least longer?

“Based on these findings, researchers were able to pinpoint natural compounds that help our cells to produce NAD+ and stimulate sirtuin activity at a level we once had.  This supplement is targeting your cellular health to ensure they have what they need to continue to function at an optimal level of health.”

Well that seems promising doesn’t it?  In reality that’s what all this really is, a start with promising test results.  Clinical trials are mostly conducted by the company’s own research scientists own bias may be a factor when interpreting these results.

Clinical Trial Results

The company directed me to their website to read about the results.  Their first full-scale double blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial (the gold standard of drug testing).  Conducted throughout 2016, the results of the study showed that in participants taking the recommended dose of this supplement, NAD+ levels increased from baseline in whole blood by an average of 40%.  This at four weeks and maintained that increase for the duration of the trial.  Forty percent is a significant increase and deserves further investigation.

It’s important to note that a majority of the studies on NAD+ demonstrating positive outcomes like improved muscle function, DNA damage repair, and cognitive function were tested on mice and worms.  They have yet to look at similar effects in humans.  So at best, the results show the potential for significant benefits in humans.

Another thing to note is that you may not necessarily feel the benefits of adequate NAD+ levels in the body.  This because it is hard to feel your cells repairing accumulated damage. However, if what this supplement claims to do is true, it is equally important to recognize the benefits derived at a cellular level.  Even if they don’t manifest themselves in a way that we can feel and see. The same can be said for stem cell therapy, another regenerative treatment that aims to turn back the clock. These treatments, like NAD+, work at the cellular level to repair damage and support energy levels to help you look and feel younger. For further information about Myths vs Reality when it comes to anti-aging supplements click here Click here for further information about Myths vs Reality when it comes to anti-aging supplements.


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