Top 7 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

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When most people think of pumpkins, they think of Halloween. Perhaps it’s time to change this perception and start thinking of pumpkins as a year round thing. Pumpkins are a highly nutritious-dense food that is rich in both minerals and vitamins, and low in calories. There are a number of different ways to introduce pumpkin into your daily nutrition including;

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Here are some of the health benefits of eating pumpkin.

High in Vitamins

According to Maggie Michalczyk, a cup of pumpkin contains 200% recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for night vision and eye health.

Pumpkins orange color of concentration is carotenoid and is what similarly gives carrots, corn and tomatoes their colour and provides a host of health benefits. Beta-carotene, a type of carotenoid and precursor to vitamin A, helps improve cognitive function and decrease risk of type 2 diabetes.

Helps In Regulating Blood Pressure

Taking pumpkin is essential for a healthy heart. Pumpkin supports good health due to the presence of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. An increased intake of potassium is associated with a reduced risk of stroke.

Additionally, it helps protect muscle mass loss. Even more, studies suggest that consuming potassium is equally essential as decreasing your intake of sodium.

Reducing The Risk Of Cancer

A platter combo of iron, Vitamins A and C and other nutrients make pumpkin a natural armor against cancer cells. Notably, studies indicate that pumpkin helps in decreasing the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer. Taking antioxidants present in food like pumpkins and beans can lead to reduced oxidative stress, which is a significant factor in decreasing cancer risk.

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Helps In Combating Diabetes

Pumpkin squash is low in calories. Following a low carb diet and losing weight is key to keeping away from type 2 diabetes.  This makes pumpkin a popular food for people suffering from or at risk of developing diabetes.

Research indicates that the phytochemicals present in the fruit help in controlling blood sugar levels; in turn, it helps lower the risk of diabetes. If you want to lose weight, you need food rich in fiber that can help in maintaining blood sugar levels.  That is precisely what you got when you included pumpkins into your diet.

Helps In Digestion

Pumpkins are known to be a good source of fiber. A fiber diet helps in keeping one full, therefore, promoting healthy digestion. Besides making you complete and satisfying your stomach, it helps in lowering the risk of obesity while at the same time supporting an increase in nutrient absorption such as iron and zinc.

Additionally, just like other hydrating fruits, pumpkins have a huge water content, which promotes healthy bowel movement, improved digestion, with fewer stomach grumbles.

Boosts Muscle Function

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of amino acids. Amino acids are known to be responsible for muscle building. So if you’re looking to gain muscle mass, it is recommended that you take pumpkin seeds. Besides, the presence of potassium in pumpkin can help improve muscle function.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Pumpkins contain compounds that can promote healthy skin. It’s rich in carotenoids in which the body can turn into Vitamin A. One cup of cooked pumpkin contains 245 percent of RDI for Vitamin A. Research indicates that carotenoids can act as natural sun blockers.

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How To Include Pumpkin Into Your Diet

There are different ways to eat pumpkin. Here are some tips to help incorporate this nutritious vegetable into your diet.

  • Use canned pumpkin in any baking recipe instead of butter or oil
  • Combine Greek Yoghurt, cinnamon, honey, and canned pumpkin to make pumpkin smoothie or yogurt
  • Consume pumpkin seeds to gain more muscle mass

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Final Thoughts

Too many people simply look to pumpkins for its decorative purposes. Nonetheless, its true value lies in its significant health benefits when included in your diet. If you are looking for a great low carb food, start consuming pumpkins regularly.

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