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Dieting is a pain.  Don’t eat this.  Don’t eat that.  This is healthy.  This isn’t healthy. With all the conflicting information, what are you supposed to believe?  The worst part is that without a true understanding of what you need to do specifically for you as an individual to succeed, most non-customized simply advise to cut out everything that you love.  Like chocolate for an example I’ve been a health and lifestyle professional and coach for more than 10 years.  I’ve witnessed thousands of people struggle with their weight so I know exactly how you feel.  You may have a lowered self esteem, little to no energy and you might even be scared that you’re on the path to diabetes or heart disease as your doctor keeps telling you that this is what your future holds if you don’t make a change.  The worst part is that if you’re like most people I’ve met, then you’re probably extremely frustrated and tired of conflicting information about what to eat or how exercise. And further you have a busy life; so trying to research or keep up with these programs is nearly impossible.  And I don’t blame you if you’re frustrated.  Nothing is worse then being ready to make a change mentally, yet having no clue how or where to start physically.  You end up throwing your hands in the air and continue down the same path. Sixty-two percent of people in the UK are considered to be overweight or obese which is a HUGE number.  So you’re not alone.  But it doesn’t stop there, this epidemic leads to many mental health issues, metabolism aggravating yo-yo dieting and numerous diseases including heart disease which is a leading killer. So understanding the problem and taking action has to be your number one priority. Now with years of experience in the industry, I’ve learned so much about understanding the problem and how to achieve amazing results with an affordable solution. A solution that addresses the key factors like hormonal imbalances, lack of nutrient dense food, toxicity, and inaccessible healthy options.  A solution that is so easy to follow and doesn’t take away the foods that you love, like chocolate! With the right guidance from a specialist like myself coupled with the right solution then you’ll be able to finally meet your goals and stay there.  Imagine dropping 30 lbs of fat, living life with abundant energy complete with no pain or depressive diets in just 2 months.  It is not only possible but it’s also pretty easy.  Easy if you understand what I’m about to share with you. Each person is unique so the reason that you may not have seen the results you’ve hoped for is that you may have been trying diets or weight loss programs that are not designed for YOU specifically.  Here are the top things that you must pay attention to when choosing to start a new healthy lifestyle system:

1. How well is your brain communicating messages to and from your body?

Interference to the nervous system can be caused by many reasons and if this is not checked properly by the appropriate health professional, like a chiropractor, then all your efforts could be for nothing. Before starting any healthy lifestyle system you’ve got to ensure that the master control system is functionally optimally.

2. Does the program consider body movement and alignment. Mobility or Flexibility?

Your posture and mobility/flexibility has a direct effect on your health.  If your program is not functional in addition to nutritional changes then you may be wasting your time and money.

3. Is there an attention given to a healthy mindset?

Changes to your lifestyle require a change in mindset as the first step.  Even if you manage to power through some diet for a couple months, the perceived pain will eventually take over and you’ll be right be to your old ways.  You must employ techniques to mold the “inside” version of the new you in addition to the “outside”.

4. Is the direction for the changes in nutrition customized for you?

The quick fix diet, a liquid diet, a starvation diet, a low carb diet, and others will not help you in the long run.  You need to learn what is healthy for you specifically before starting your journey.  The system should also be easy to implement.  Meal replacements make some programs simple but you will need to make sure that the ingredients are quality and that the macronutrient content is balanced. How do you know?  Ask a wellness expert for advice.

5. What is the measurement of success of the program?

Simply measuring your weight is not an accurate score of how “well” you are.  And if you don’t take an accurate starting measurement, than how can you effectively measure your progress.  You can’t!  A health scoring system should be used to determine your actual state of health when you start and the same system should used when checking your progress.  I use something called the Wellness Score with our patients which takes into account all of the following:
  • BODY FAT %
If you’ve read this all the way through then you must be serious about starting a journey to improve your health which is awesome.  Success is not far away. However, my advice is follow the guidelines I’ve detailed above to maximize your results and then maintain them once you’ve reached your goals.


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