How To Create A Healthy Home Environment

Your home environment plays an important role in your health and happiness physically, mentally, and emotionally. Creating a space that feels safe and comfortable and brings you joy is crucial for living a healthy and happy life. In fact, studies have shown that a clean and comfortable living environment reduces stress and increases health and happiness. So learn how you to can create a healthy home by following these important tips.


Healthy Home Checklist

Create A Vision Board Of Your Ideal Home Environment

A vision board is an ideal tool to help you clarify and maintain focus on a specific goal. Paste images and words that represent your home goal onto a board and then put it somewhere you will see it daily.

Get An Air Purifier

There is more air pollution inside homes and businesses than outside of them, that’s why you have to make sure you’re breathing in clean air. Air purifiers remove triggers for asthma attack and also eliminate allergens, such as dust and pet odor.

air purifying plants

Get More Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to purify air, boost mood, improve health, and sharpen focus. Therefore fill your home with natural air purifying plants such as;

  • Spider plants
  • Aloe vera
  • Peace Lily
  • Golden pothos
  • Boston ferns
  • Rubber plants
  • Palm trees

Clean And Declutter Your Environment

Keeping a clean home has wonderful health benefits, both physically and mentally. A cluttered, dirty, or confusing environment can cause us to feel worried, sad, or helpless. And less stuff means less to clean.

Light Scented Soy Candles

Scented candles have been shown to promote focus and lift your mood.

Soy candles are recommended because they burn cleaner, preventing toxins and pollutants from being emitted into the air.

indoor herb garden

Start A Herb Garden

Having an herb garden in your home is a great experience that can save you money, relieve stress, and provide fun.

Create A Cozy Sleep Space

Getting enough sleep is vitally important to your health. Make sure to create a sleep space that is as comfortable for you as possible.

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Organize Your Pantry

If you keep your kitchen and pantry in order, you’ll be more likely to cook at home and enjoy spending time in your kitchen.

How to Organize: The Pantry

Your home environment is a mirror of your goals, priorities, and who you want to be. Have fun creating and maintaining a nourishing home environment that brings you countless health and happiness.

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