Lawsuit Filed Against Canadian Government Officials for ‘draconian and unjustifiable’ Response to the Pandemic

covid-19 lawsuit Canada

In Canada, the COVID-19 pandemic and the response by the Government has started a difficult conversation. Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) is suing Trudeau’s liberal Government and the Government of Ontario. The lawsuit holds both governments accountable for declaring draconian measures in response to Covid-19.


In a press release statement by one of plaintiffs, the non-profit group said;

“We are living in unprecedented times. The indiscriminate containment of the people of Canada, the restricted access to parliament, medical and educational services. The destruction of local economies and the requirement to social distancing, along with the forced use of facial masks are measures that have never before been imposed on Canadian citizens. The impact of these aberrant measures on our physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being is destructive. And these actions are unsustainable, extreme, and unconstitutional.”

Legal Action Against Trudeau’s Government

On Monday, July 6, 2020 the legal action was filed against Trudeau’s Government and the Government of Ontario. The lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Ontario, includes many other parties including various public health officers, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Municipality of Toronto.

In the statement of claim by VCC, the group lists the following as defendants:

  • Justin Trudeau – Canadian Prime Minister
  • Doug Ford – Ontario Premier
  • Dr. Theresa Tam – Canada’s Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. David Williams – Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer
  • Christine Elliot & Stephen Lecce – Ontario’s Health and Education Ministers
“VCC formally filed legal action in the Superior Court of Ontario to hold several defendants accountable for their actions concerning COVID-19 measures. The defendants include the Canadian Government, the Government of Ontario, the Municipality of Toronto, public health officers, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.”

The plaintiffs announced at an in-person event for accredited press only that the non-profit society is seeking payment of the lawsuit cost. It’s also seeking that the defendants no longer enforce the mandatory measures on Canada’s citizens. This is because the plaintiffs feel the measures violate the rights of citizens under the constitution of Canada and were not scientifically justified.

They are seeking a declaration that face masks should not be mandatory. The group also wants social distancing measures withdrawn as well as the closure of schools, playgrounds, and churches.

One of the plaintiffs said;

“During times of emergency, Constitutional rights do not stop being important. They become even more important.”

In the Statement of Claim, it’s noted that the plaintiffs are also seeking $10 million in punitive damages and $1 million in general damages from CBC. The group is suing CBC for spreading “false news” and “misinformation” about the pandemic.

In the news release, one of the plaintiff groups state;

“An over-rated (COVID-19) pandemic narrative is being used to create panic and justify the violation of rights, including Constitutional rights, the rule of law, democracy, sovereignty, and financial security.”

Both global and health research experts have criticized the Canadian Government for enacting unjustifiable measures in response to the pandemic. One of those experts is Emmet Macfarlane, a University of Waterloo political science professor. He said;

“It’s not surprising that non-profit groups are taking issues with some of the  measures set by the government. The longer the emergency situation continues, the more restrictions on personal liberties…”

VCC Opposes New Brunswick Bill

Recently, one of the plaintiffs [VCC] outwardly opposed the New Brunswick bill mandating the vaccination of kids attending public schools. The controversial bill would have removed philosophical and religious exemptions as reasons for forcing parents to vaccinate their kids.

The bill, introduced by Dominic Cardy, the New Brunswick’s Minister of Education, failed. In the free vote, the Bill 11, received 20 against 22 votes.

One of the voters who objected to the bill was Attorney General Andrea Anderson-Mason. In a statement to CBC, she said the reason for opposing the bill was the lack of “evidence” that there was an impact on immunizations as a result of the anti vaxx movement.

Ted Kuntz, President of VCC, told that any form of forced vaccination, even the Covid-19, is unconstitutional. This is after the site inquired about the approval of Health Canada human trial testing of a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine is from an aborted fetal cell line. He also said;

“The decision by Health Canada to approve human trial testing for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine should concern us all. Bypassing standard safety protocols and rushing a vaccine to market increases the risk of producing a product that will cause more harm than good. It has the potential of undermining the trust in our medical professionals, and health organizations.”

VCC news release states;

…warning bells are being rung about the consequences of the extreme and unwarranted actions that violate the freedoms and rights well established in the Canadian and international law.”

As a non-profit group founded by families who suffered from vaccine injuries and reactions, VCC (Vaccine Choice Canada) is and has been a vocal opponent of government responses. In the lawsuit, Rocco Galati, an attorney at a Toronto-based law firm, represents the group among other plaintiffs listed in the statement of claim available at the top of this page.

Sugar Sugar – Cool Math Games Review

sugar cool math

Sugar Sugar – Cool Math Games Review

The age old saying, “it’s takes a village to raise a child” could not ring more true then it does today. With so many of us forced to stay home due to mandatory social distancing, we are relying on others and technology more than ever, to keep us connected.

Today, I find myself in the same boat as millions of other families.  Struggling to work from home while trying to find new ways to help my children (ages 9 & 7) grow mentally, physically and emotionally through engaging education. Although our education system is doing their best to provide educational means online, I still find their resources fall flat in regards to stimulating aspects such as:

  • Imagination
  • Logic
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity

While expressing some of my concerns to a friend, she asked me if I had tried the site  She said it was a game changer for her two boys and furthermore it was free! She definitely got my attention with that so I jumped online and went to see what it was all about.

Games Galore

The first thing that jumped out to me was all the categories they offered such as:

  • Strategy
  • Skill
  • Numbers
  • Logic
  • Trivia

They also had other categories including one called ‘More’ which included topics such as memory, geography and science. As such, I immediately thought this was the answer I was searching for!

Each category had quite literally hundreds of games to choose from. Sorted in such a way that you could easily find a game that would suit your child’s interest. For example, when I clicked on strategy, I could select games under topics such as:

  • New strategy games
  • Popular strategy games
  • Business games
  • Tower defense games
  • Endless puzzles
  • Match 3 games
  • Construction games
  • Figure it out

So after exploring the site quickly for myself, I decided it was time to test it out on my children. I began by asking them the obvious question, “who wants to try out some new games on my computer?”.  Note to parents, this is NOT the best way to do it.  A small fight ensued as to who would play first, followed by some tears, but FINALLY through compromise, they were ready to play.

Let The Games Begin!

The game they both decided to try first was called Sugar, Sugar. The game seemed simple enough.  Sugar would fall from above and you were to draw a line to help guide the sugar into the mug. Without dating myself, it reminded me a lot of a game called Lemmings that I used to play at their age.

The first level was pretty straight forward and they were able to pass during their first try however the levels become increasingly harder moving forward. At only level two I had to assist them by asking questions like, “what would happen if you drew the line half way down the page rather then right from the top?” as this level had two mugs at opposite side of the page which needed to get filled.

After about ten minutes they had enough, and started playing around with more familiar games such as:

  • Connect 4
  • Checkers
  • Snake
  • X’s & O’s

That probably lasted another ten minutes and then they were done. That said I must confess I found myself sneaking back on and continued to play Sugar, Sugar myself as I found it to be fun and challenging.

Final Review

Although this site had great categories and literally hundreds of games to choose from, I would give it a thumbs down for a few reasons.

Firstly, I found the games rather difficult especially for my 7 year old son. There didn’t seem to be a gradual increase of difficulty between levels but rather an abrupt jump. Secondly, I didn’t like how you weren’t able to select your child’s grade level to help find games specific to their skills and needs.

Lastly, I found the graphics and animation to be disappointing. The graphics appeared reminiscent to what you would expect from our old gaming consoles like NINTENDO or Sega.

Therefore, for those reasons I found this site feel flat especially compared to so many other great websites out there.

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How Do I Get A Coronavirus Test?

How Is The Coronavirus Tested

Do you find yourself asking, “How is the Coronavirus tested?” Furthermore, “where do I get tested?” Well, here is my first hand experience about how and why I got tested for COVID-19.

It’s certainly bad timing for anyone getting sick. Especially with symptoms that may represent COVID-19 as fear is in the air! Any cough, sniffle, temperature change or sense of a sore throat has everyone on edge asking, “could this be the Coronavirus?”

Knowing the answers to these questions is important. Particularly if you have had or may have had contact with many others. The time is now and responsibility ours in order to protect our community.

why get tested for cornavirus

Why I Got Tested For COVID-19

Monday March 16th I lost my voice within a couple of hours. However, I was convinced it was because I had inhaled the fumes of disinfectant wipes all day. But the next day I woke up with no voice in addition to a sore throat and coughing. ALL RED FLAGS during these times!

Add to that, my contact with many people and I fall into the category of people who should contact a health practitioner. So, I decided to consult my friend who is a nurse. She informed me that fever is often the last symptom and to get tested regardless of missing this common symptom. But, where do I go? Furthermore, how is the Coronavirus tested?

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Coronavirus Self-Assessment Test

So, How is the coronavirus tested? Better yet, should you be tested? Well, the Ontario Government’s ‘self-assessment’ is the first place I would recommend to those curious to go. 

The questions outlined in the self assessment are the same questions you will be asked if you arrive at a COVID-19 Testing / Assessment center. 

Did you answer yes to the questions asked in the self-assessment? If so, you should seek clinical assessment for COVID-19 over the phone or call your healthcare provider. I tried calling mine only to get an answering machine message redirecting me to this exact assessment. Also suggesting I call Telehealth if the assessment indicates the need for further testing.  

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Key things to know about coronavirus testing

COVID-19 Assessment Centre Protocol

My next move was to call Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000 in hopes of receiving a referral from a nurse to receive an appointment for testing. I preferred an appointment then to wait in a long walk-in line up where I feared to be exposed to the virus.

While I waited on the line for over two hours, I realized the wait may be longer than driving around the city and finding an assessment center. While waiting on the phone, I searched for an assessment center online that would accept patients without an appointment or referral. I found the closest assessment center to me and decided to take a chance that they were accepting walk-ins. 

St. Joseph’s Hospital was the closest COVID-19 assessment center.  When I arrived, I drove around the building slowly looking at all of the temporary signage they had placed up. All to direct people on where to go. At every patient entrance, there was one to two employees at the door dressed in full protective gear.

How Doctors Stay Safe Battling Coronavirus

Protective Gear For Medical Staff Exposed To COVID-19
  • Gowns over their clothes
  • Face masks
  • Hospital hats
  • Gloves
  • Helmets with shields over their faces

Finally we found the entrance off of Sunny Side Drive, close to the Queensway. I decided to leave my spouse in the car to ensure limited contact for her and avoid clogging up the already busy healthcare system.

As I walked in, a hospital employee opened the door for me to avoid contact with the door handle. There was a check-in desk with separation glass around it and two employees on the other side. First, they asked me the same questions found on the Ontario self-assessment.

Once I answered yes to two of the questions they asked me to disinfect my hands and put on a mask. Next, I waited in a line of less than 5 minutes to register. Everyone stood as spaced apart as space would allow. When I was called up to the registration desk, I was asked to hold my health card up to show her.  Decreasing unnecessary contact in order to lower risk to the healthcare providers.

With no voice, check-in at registration was a bit of a struggle.  Once registered, I hung up the phone with Telehealth Ontario. Which, by the way, I was still on hold waiting to speak with someone.

covid-19 test

How Is The Coronavirus Tested

I was asked to wait in the waiting room until a nurse and test room opened up. There were about 20 seats in the room and 5 people waiting.  Only two of us sat down (I had planned to wash my clothes as soon as I got back home)

My name was called within 5 minutes of waiting. I was brought into a room where a nurse asked me more detailed questions about:

  • My symptoms
  • Contact with others
  • Travel history

Next, he checked my blood pressure, heart rate and temperature. When I asked, “how is the Coronavirus tested?” He explained that the swab would be “a different feeling” and wouldn’t be painful but would most likely cause my eyes to water.

I tilted my head back where he proceeded to push the swab to the very top of my nasal cavity. Next, he twisted the swab for an uncomfortable 10 seconds. So much so, my nose and eyes watered for the following 10 minutes. 

Time For The Results Of The Coronavirus Test

The doctor came into the room briefly after testing and explained to me that it’s important to act as if I have the COVID-19 virus. At least until I received my test results which would come in 24-72 hours after testing. The system is backlogged with negative results, so the results may be received in the mail later than 72 hours.

If there are positive results, I was to expect a phone call. I was reminded that even if my test is negative, to not leave my home until my symptoms have resolved. 

I was instructed to disinfect my hands as I left the hospital. Once home, I washed my hands again. Removed my clothes, put them in the wash and showered. Overall, I was impressed with the flow at the hospital.

From the time I walked into and out of St. Joseph’s Hospital COVID-19 Assessment center, I clocked 35 minutes. Their set up, process and procedures were well thought out and working smoothly. Thank you to the front line!

Ready to go to your nearest COVID-19 Assessment Center?  Click here for the list of centers I used in order to find where to go

How To Prepare For The Coronavirus

How To Prepare For The Coronavirus

Are you wondering how to prepare for the Coronavirus? Well, if you are in line for toilet paper, you’re in the wrong lineup! Instead try these Vitamins for the Immune System and follow these important tips !

Sensational reports and headlines about the coronavirus are unavoidable.  The stock markets are crashing. Employees are being asked to work from home. Concerts and conventions are being cancelled. Furthermore there is a massive lineup for toilet paper at Costco!

The truth is, experts cannot come to a consensus as to if we have a major problem or small problem on our hands. However, they do agree on one thing! Those individuals who are immunocompromised may get sicker than most people if they come in contact with the coronavirus. Just as they would with the common flu. But what about the effects on the average healthy person? Those who choose to live healthy lifestyles? Well, almost all experts agree that there is not a large threat from the coronavirus especially if you follow the following tips.

Cause And Effect Of Covid19

Similar to the common flu, most people who get the coronavirus may or may not present with symptoms. However, if they do, they recover. People who are expressing symptoms of the coronavirus appear with symptoms such as:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Respiratory issues

Coronavirus can’t be treated with antibiotics as it is a virus. Therefore, the best line of defense against the flu, coronavirus and other viruses is to proactively wash your hands. Furthermore, take vitamins for the immune system to be strong enough to fight back. 

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Questions About The Coronavirus

A patient asked me this morning “Now that there is the first confirmed case of coronavirus in our city, are you taking any measures to minimize the risks of contraction? Furthermore, “How To Prepare For The Coronavirus?”.

My short answer: I am focused on keeping my immune system in top shape!

How so you ask? Well, I am more consistent than ever in:

  • Washing my hands properly
  • Taking my daily supplements and vitamins for my immune system
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking water
  • Exercising regularly

I believe it’s time we all take personal responsibility and commit to doing our own part in minimizing the impact of the coronavirus. 

Frequently Asked Questions - What You Need To Know About Handwashing

How To Wash Your Hands Properly

With this virus becoming a global pandemic people are rushing to the nearest store with the hopes of loading up on hand sanitizers. However this is not necessary.  In fact using soap and taking the time to ensure you’re washing your hands correctly has been said to be the most effective way to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus | How to wash your hands

Vitamins For The Immune System

Did you know that Vitamin C and Vitamin D are major immune boosters? Vitamin D is a common undiagnosed deficiency in Canada.  Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, improves your immune function and dramatically stimulates the production of potent antimicrobial peptides.

Also, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps increase immunity. Eating quality foods that contain Vitamin C and other essential vitamins is a good place to start. Examples include citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. Vitamin C supplementation can also help you get the antioxidant support you need to have your immune system in full gear. 

Good Night Sleep

Don’t wait until you are sick to catch up on sleep. Getting enough sleep regularly is essential to having a strong immune system. Inadequate sleep depletes immunity. Remember, most adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to heal and function at their best.

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healthy lifestyle

Drink Water

Substitute water for any sugary drinks. Sugar lowers immune function. Water helps in removing toxins from the body. It also helps in the production of lymph which helps white blood cells travel through the body.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is known to keep our bodies fit and strong. But, did you know that it also maintains a strong immune system? Lymphatic flow increases with exercise and provides significant immune benefits. 

Sadly some of the world seems to be in a fear driven state. However, it is important to remind yourself that worry is a useless emotion. Nothing positive comes from it. Recently, the United States Surgeon General released the message to be cautious but not afraid. So, How To Prepare For The Coronavirus? In the simplest terms, wash your hands and get to work boosting your immune system. Click here to learn even more about how to prepare for the Coronavirus.

The health of your immune system rests in your own hands!