FDA Is Warning People NOT To Use This Dangerous Antibiotic

Are you aware of the harmful side effects of antibiotics ? Well, the FDA is now warning against using a popular class of antibiotics as they may cause sudden serious and potentially permanent nerve damage. Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics that are commonly used to treat a variety of illnesses from respiratory infections to urinary tract infections. Their use is very prevalent and in 2011 alone, these drugs were prescribed to more than 23 million people.

Medicines Include:

In fact, doctors are now saying that side effects of these drugs far outweigh any benefits provided when it comes to treating sinusitis or UTI infections.

peripheral neuropathy

One Of The Worst Side Effects These Drugs Can Cause Is Peripheral Neuropathy.

Side Effects Of Antibiotics

Extreme damage can be done to the nervous system and spinal cord when using these antibiotics. Thus causing interference and interrupting signals to your brain that are being sent to the rest of your body. As such, it can cause debilitating;

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Burning
  • Shooting pain

Scarier still, these symptoms may be irreversible. Furthermore they can become permanent. Therefore it may not be reversed just by stopping the antibiotics. Also, the symptoms tend to begin very rapidly after beginning treatment.

Other serious side effects can include;
  • Tendon rupture and damage
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Pins and needles in your extremities
  • Confusion and hallucinations
medication side effects

Think Those Symptoms Won’t Happen To You?

Well, sadly enough they have happened and often. In fact so often and to enough people that back in 2008 the FDA required a boxed warning (the most serious type of warning) to be added to the medications. All this to alert patients of the risk of tendon damage and rupture.

Remember, every single time you take a medication or an antibiotic, you are putting yourself in danger. Opening yourself up to the possibility of experiencing terrible side effects that may not be reversible. However, even if you don’t experience negative side effects, you have to heal twice. Once from the illness and once more from the medication. Also, for some, healing from the medication can be much more difficult.

Choose Natural Options To Avoid The Side Effects Of Antibiotics

Work with your natural health practitioner. Find a natural, non-toxic solution to your illnesses. Essential oils are amazing in helping to heal sinusitis and respiratory inflammation. Also, D-Mannose and probiotics are excellent ways to heal a bladder infection.

What Else Can You Heal Naturally?

Almost every single illness has a natural solution or natural prevention. Allowing you to avoid the toxicity associated with conventional pharmaceuticals. Do your own research. Be informed and an educated owner of your own body. Feel empowered to ask the right questions and make your own choices when need be!

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