Fun In The Sun

Looking to have some fun in the sun but worried about all the risks? Well I have some good news. Sunshine is not the cancer-causing enemy that we once thought it was. In fact, we actually need sunshine almost like we need food.

Proper Exposure to Sunlight Can:

But what does ‘proper exposure to sunlight’ actually mean? Well, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are some simple steps to ensure you are safeguarded from the suns adverse effects.

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Fun In The Sun

First, please note that sunscreen/sunblock is NOT a way to justify prolonged exposure to the sun. Rather, it helps to decrease damage caused by UVA and UVB rays which can be attributed to:

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

Sun Safety Tips

  1. Minimize Mid-Day Sun Exposure – According to WHO UV rays are the strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Therefore it’s best to limit or avoid the sun during this time.
  2. Cover Up – Always try and included wearing items such as sunglasses, wide brimmed hats and UV protective clothing. This will help protect yourself against harmful UV damage.
  3. ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen/Sunblock – Many of us now know the importance of wearing sunscreen on hot sunny days but did you know it’s just as important to wear it on those cloudy days too? That’s right! Clouds work to filter out the sunlight but only block approximately 20% of the UV rays.  That means you can still be exposed to a whooping 80% of  UV rays. Click here read the best sunscreen product review.
  4. Check The UV Index – The higher the number, the stronger the sun’s UV rays are.  The UV Index can range from 0 – 12+. This is something I monitor carefully as my fair skin burns in approximately 3.5 minutes (I’m not kidding).
  5. Spend Time In The Shade – Now I know this seems like a no brainer however you still need to be careful even in the shade. Not all shade is created equal.  For example a sun umbrellas may block the sun but still allow UV rays to penetrate through. So you should always be cautious and wear sunscreen.  Also, you need to understand that your surroundings play a large role even in the shade. This is because the strength of UV rays can vary based on what kind of surface they bounce off of.

Examples Of UV Reflection Strength In The Shade:

Final Thoughts

Enjoy the sun! But consciously and in small amounts. Be sure to share and incorporate these sun safety tips with your family before enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Best Sunscreen – Product Review

Yes, it’s happened folks, the bees are buzzing and the days are longer and the sun is higher and hotter! I have seen lots of families already hitting the local splash pads and front yard sprinklers (not only for kids, I spied a grandma getting in on the fun too!).  However, how do you choose the best sunscreen that is safe, natural yet effective?

The UV has been creeping up too–and to feel confident about hanging out outside without getting a burn, here are my Top 3 Naturopathic Approved Sunblocks for this summer:

Green beaver natural mineral sunscreen SPF 27 spray – I love this brand as it is super clean with only the best ingredients AND it goes onto my kids bodies easy and quickly (both important as they are constantly wriggling away as i apply the lotion). I use this everyday on my kids and have never had them get a burn.
The fact that it is a spray allows it to be massaged into the skin very evenly.

Natural Sunscreen - Green BeaverSubstance baby sunstick I love this stick because it is easy to store (as a back up in my purse) and even though it is a stick, does rub in fairly easily. I like to apply this one to kid’s faces, ears and neck when they are out in water playing. This sunblock is chalked full of lovely ingredients including the herbs St. John’s wort and calendula–both excellent for the skin.Substance - Baby SunscreenCoola mineral sunscreen spray and Natural BB cream for face – I love this sunblock for the mamas out there! Goes on VERY easily without streaking or greasiness like a lot of other products. A fun fact about this ‘cool’ sunscreen is that many of the products are crafted in California in a solar powered facility.

Coola - Face SunscreenWith all of these brands, it is important to reapply when swimming or playing in water.

Another great option for kids and parents alike are rash guards. These keep everyone warm in cold water and most are have high UV protection and are widely available.

Have a great time this summer!

Disclaimer: as i love these brands, i do not get an receive any commission from these products