Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be an incredibly frustrating condition and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment can be even more frustrating if looking for a natural solution.  The syndrome frequently disrupts a person’s ability to;

  • Get quality sleep
  • Perform at their job
  • Do simple daily activities that at one time many took for granted

Frequently, this condition is characterized by pain in the wrist area.  However, symptoms can include pins and needles or numbness and tingling.  This sensation usually occurs in the hands and fingers, or in the arms up to the elbow.  When the condition gets really bad, some people even have difficulty grabbing objects such as holding a glass of water.

wrist pain
elbow pain

The Source Of Carpal Tunnel

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel can be caused by potential nerve entrapment sites.  This includes the wrist and elbow and need to be examined by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

The most commonly overlooked source of Carpal Tunnel symptoms come from nerve roots in the neck.  In fact, a study in in the Journal Lancet showed that up to 75% of carpal tunnel patients had a nerve problem in their neck.  As, such, it’s for this reason I strongly suggest that anyone displaying these symptoms should have their spine and nervous system assessed by a chiropractor.

I have helped countless patients who were diagnosed with, or demonstrating symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Those who sought help are now living pain free.  Unfortunately, too many people are quickly told by their medical doctor that they need medication or even surgery.  With many Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cases reportedly being mis-diagnosed,  in most cases these procedures offer little help.  Furthermore, they have the potential to make matters worse!

foods high in b6

What Does Food Have To Do With It?

There is a strong possibility that there is a nutritional component to a patients Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This potential evidence should not be ignored.  In fact, the symptoms could be due to nutritional deficiencies or heavy metal toxicity.

For example, a number of studies have linked people deficient in vitamin B6, to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  So if you are deficient, this is something that definitely needs to be addressed.

To reverse this condition, patients normally take 1-3 Vitamin B6 200 mg 1-3 times day, for a couple months.  Also, consider getting tested for zinc deficiency, as this can prevent the conversion of B6 into its active form.

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If all of this fails, its time to consider having your levels tested for heavy metal toxins.  This can be resolved with a heavy metal detox program.  A naturopath or certified practitioner of functional medicine can help you with this.

A "Not So" Known Cause Of Wrist Pain

Get To The Root Of It!

First off, the important thing is that you get to the root of the problem.  Find the cause in order to avoid further suffering.  If you do, you should be able to get your life back in a matter of weeks.  Once again enjoying all that life has to offer.

Second, whatever you do, DO NOT neglect the problem.  Too often I have seen people wait 4-6 weeks (or more) hoping the symptoms will just go away on their own.  Only, instead of them going away the problem has now turned into a chronic one.  So, take action now!

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These steps should provide a clear action plan in the case that you are experiencing any of these symptoms.  I hope this is helpful to anyone suffering with symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Also to anyone that knows someone who is suffering from it.

You’re one step closer!

Numbness or Tingling

numbness or tingling treatment

If your life is afflicted by numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet or toes then you will be interested in this clinical study that showed…

How Patients Significantly Improved Their Sharp Pains, Grip Strength, and Eliminated Numbness and Tingling Without Drugs or Surgery

Numbness, tingling, and pain affects all parts of your life

Numbness and tingling is a huge problem which affects every part of your life from sleeping, sitting or walking.  The thought of getting a good night sleep or playing with your kids or grandchildren may seem like a pipe dream because your arms or legs are in too much pain and may even be weak.

Maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve been told that you have to live with it as all the medical testing indicates that you shouldn’t have a problem. Or maybe you’re even fearful because the only options left are drugs with heavy side effects or surgery.

I can tell you one thing…… you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy which can be caused by different things. It is described by as a condition that results when nerves from the brain and spinal cord which carry messages to and from the rest of the body are damaged or diseased.

This condition obstructs the nerve signals that control your muscles, joints, connective tissues and organs and if ignored could lead to more serious complications.

“I feel like I’m 30 years older than I actually am.  I can’t walk great distances without pain.  My hands go numb while doing the simplest activities like watching tv or lying in bed.  I am tired of living this way.”

More Pills Are Not the Solution

There have been many clinical studies which have demonstrated the benefit of chiropractic and nerve conditions:

Patients showed an 85.5% resolution of the nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic treatments. – Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2008

With chiropractic care, patients had “significant improvement in perceived comfort and function, nerve conduction and finger sensation overall.” – JMPT 1998

“Significant increase in grip strength and normalization of motor and sensory latencies were noted. Orthopedic tests were negative. Symptoms dissipated.” – JMPT 1994

What these studies mean is that there is hope for you to get your life back.

Where should you start?

Finding the cause of your neuropathy is where you should start.  The doctor of chiropractic is trained to identify the causes of neuropathic conditions and if your case is beyond the scope of chiropractic you would be referred to the appropriate health professional.  However, often these conditions are caused by a degeneration or misalignment of the spine which can press on the roots of the nerves.  This pressure can arise from the bones or intervertebral discs anywhere on the spine from the base of the head down to the tail bone.

Whether you have been to a chiropractor before or this would be your first experience, you may be wondering what to expect with us.  We want you to understand everything about your case and our procedures before we get started.  Our exams are thorough and our patients describe our techniques as “gentle and effective”.  We have many techniques that we can use to ensure that you are comfortable without hindering the results of your care and progress.

The goal is to release pressure on the nerves to allow your body to heal.

“I wish I had found you sooner”

The first step is to help you find the right practitioner in your area.  We know that you may have tried everything else without success but we could help you find the answer to your nerve problems.  We hear this from many people…

We want to make it easy for you to explore if we can help which is why we’re extending this opportunity to you.   We have a network of doctors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and have let us know that they will provide an examination for you for over 65% off so that you can get the answers to your questions…. finally.  We will connect you with them for an appointment

You would receive all of what is included with our full initial consultation:

  • A thorough examination exploring all potential causes of your condition
  • A complete neuromuscular examination
  • Specialized testing which may include x-rays if necessary. This can help to determine if any spinal problems are contributing to your condition
  • An in-depth review and analysis or your findings
  • A detailed plan of the course of action
  • We’ll really listen to all of your concerns, answer all your questions and let you know how we can help and what to expect.

The goal of this evaluation is to help find the problem and then correct it.  Imagine what your life could be like without these frustrating nerve problems.  In no time you could be feeling normal again.

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Your life could change for the better.  It’s time to start your body on the right path towards living normally again.  Watch your mobility improve, muscles relax and your pain ease up.

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