The Great Drug Hoax: How Taking Pills May Actually Be Making You Worse

Look Around You

How many opportunities are there for advertisements to be placed? They are strategically placed on billboards, buses, and signs, on the radio, television, online, in magazines, and they are even slapped onto eggs!

And if you notice, there are hundreds of ads for various medications that are touted to treat every disease experienced today. From asthma to allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and nerve pain to insomnia and depression, there is a chemical ‘cure’ for just about any ailment that you could be dealing with. Maybe You Haven’t Noticed that these drugs are being marketed to the final consumer just like breakfast cereals and the newest Coach purses.

The Big Pharma Strategy

The pharmaceutical companies are training you to ask your medical doctor for medications by name. They are trying to pump up their profits by increasing consumption and using you as a big part of their marketing strategy.

The curious thing is that only the United States, Canada and New Zealand are allowed to market medications directly to consumers. In no other countries would you find pharmaceutical companies speaking directly to you. In those countries they must only market their products to the medical doctors, and have them try to boost sales through prescriptions.

Taking Pills May Actually Be Making You Worse

Have you ever spilled spaghetti sauce on a white couch? And then just covered it up with a white towel, sat down, finished your dinner and forgot about it? Of course not!! But this is exactly what you are doing when you take medications. They mask your symptoms, and for a while, you sort of forget they were there. But at some point, that spaghetti mess is going to soak through that towel and you will realize the monster of a mess that has been created.

Your body is the same way. It can only deal with the condition/symptoms and the pharmaceutical band aid that is poisoning your body for so long until your health really deteriorates. It is important to find out what is causing your symptoms at the outset, and work to identify natural solutions, rather than covering them up with a mask of pharmaceuticals that do immense damage to your body.

But what if it’s all a big Hoax?

What if the pharmaceutical companies just see you as numbers and dollar signs? What if you don’t actually need medication to heal?

Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating, brilliant organism that wants to function optimally every single day.

You were born whole, perfect and ready to grow and develop with natural resources. You were not born with medication in your system, and that was not by accident! It means you do not need pharmaceuticals to function in daily life.

Pharmaceuticals are a foreign substance, unrecognizable by the body. They are a threat to your inner balance, chemically, mentally and physically.

For every medication you take, there is a long, detailed list of potential side effects that you may experience. Some are incredibly serious and even caution that death is one of the more serious side effects.

Have you ever looked at the side effects listed on your medication? These need to be approached as though they are quite possible to occur, not to be waved away lightly, as though that could never happen to you.

For example, Ibuprofen is often prescribed as an anti-inflammatory and painkilling medication to help with numbness and tingling.

According to WebMD, Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by blocking your body’s production of certain natural substances that cause inflammation. This effect helps to decrease swelling, pain, or fever.

The problem is that your body is giving you symptoms of pain, swelling, fever or numbness and tingling, etc to alert you to a problem inside that needs tending to, rather than covering up.

Web MD also explains that there can be severe side effects associated with taking Ibuprofen, such as:

• abnormal heart rhythm • blind spot in the eye • bloody urine • decreased blood platelets • depression • hallucination • heart attack • high blood pressure • kidney failure • nosebleed • stroke • trouble breathing • ulcers • vocal cord swelling

And this is just a partial list of the most severe symptoms possible, not to mention the ones categorized as “less severe” such as fast heartbeat, sun-sensitive skin, hearing loss, anxiety, ringing in the ears and more.

So if Not Drugs, What is the Solution?

There are many avenues of natural health and healing to explore. Speak to your natural health practitioner about what could be the right solution and before you EVER abruptly stop taking prescribed medication then make sure you speak to your medical doctor first.

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  1. Just wondering do you have anyway of helping a person with lack of motivation! My 41 year old son died with AML Leukaemia after a 3 year battle, 100’s of units of blood, chemo and a stem cell transplant! I was with my son at his house holding his hand as he took his last breath! I have no regrets and i know he is in a much better place, with no pain! Derek died April 13/2017,
    My husband does most of the house work now including making most meals! I have very little desire to get out of bed! I have lost my motivation! Any ideas how to get my motivation back?? I really do not think i’m depressed! Anxious at times!


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