Spring has officially arrived…we’ve made it through the winter! I await the first day of spring as though I were a child on Christmas Day. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when spring arrives as though I willed it to arrive somehow. Maybe it’s the relief that I feel that perhaps we have seen the last of the snow fall and the first signs of new life start to sprout. The birds sing so sweetly and the smell in the air gives me a boost of much needed energy and rejuvenation. Spring is a time for cleaning out the cupboards, drawers, and garage and doing a deep clean and purge from our houses. However, it is also a time to take a look at ourselves- mind, body, and spirit – and do some self spring cleaning inside as well. The first step in spring cleaning for the mind is to throw away destructive self-talk that depletes you of energy and ambition. Start off by unplugging from negative outlets that bring your energy down including social media, the nightly news, low energy television shows and movies, and toxic relationships. Next, say ‘no’ to activities in your life that feel more like obligations, rather than events that you look forward to. Finally, spring is the perfect time of year to start a new project or activity that will bring joy and excitement to your life. The warmer weather finally allows us to get outside and enjoy some much needed fresh air and Vitamin D. Spring is the perfect time to focus on shedding excess weight that is slowing you down and putting strain on your joints. Visit the local farmers markets and enjoy the fresh produce that we will soon have access to and make refreshing smoothies, salads, and green juices. By increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, you will naturally encourage your body to eliminate toxins and weight. The technique of dry skin brushing is also an effective way of stimulating the lymph system to detoxify the body. (VERY gently, brush your skin in upward or circular motions with a very soft bristle brush, starting at your feet. Bring your movements slowly up your body, along all surfaces of your skin toward your heart, and then start at your hands to your shoulders and upper back and chest to your heart.) Remember to stay well hydrated with spring water and naturally caffeine free teas.  Homemade teas can easily be made by utilizing fresh ingredients including ginger, lemons, limes, cinnamon and raw honey. Finally, focus on rejuvenating and renewing your spirit. When we aren’t living our true purpose in life, it can be very draining on our spirit. This spring, take some time to meditate on what your true calling is and make movements to align with your calling. Find forgiveness in your heart for people and situations that have offended you. Focus on feeling gratitude for the little things in your life. Engage in acts of kindness, whether that be for people or animals in your life. Explore new opportunities and experiences, travel, and find new ways to feed your spirit. Regardless of what type of spring cleaning you are doing, enjoy the longer days and the warmer sun. Be fascinated with all of the miracles of new life that spring gives us.


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