I want to lose weight. What should I eat?

Well, my answer is a question to your question. What do you want to eat? If your answer is pizza, chocolate and McDonald’s, we need to dig a little deeper into why you want to eat those things. Many people say that they are comfort foods, that they crave them, and these foods make them feel good. But do they really make you feel that good? I’m sure within an hour of eating at McDonald’s, your stomach is cramping and you’re not really sure what is going on in there. And depending on how many Reese’s pieces you ate, you may be feeling quite nauseous. And then later on, do you think to yourself, ‘oh man, why did I eat that?’ And feel bad about yourself for doing that?

So this comfort food isn’t really as comforting as you may think. It’s time to reframe the way we think about food and the comforts it provides.

If you are regularly consuming food that you know isn’t good for you, it’s time to consider that maybe these foods are being used as a form of self disrespect or self sabotage because deep down inside you think that you don’t deserve the best of everything? Or maybe you have become addicted to the foods that you used to think made you feel comforted, but can’t seem to walk away from them now. You desperately want to stop wanting them, but their chemicalized mixture is meant to keep drawing you back in.

It’s time to transform the way we think about food!

A major issue with food is that many of us have grown up in a society of abundant food sources, where we can go to the grocery store and choose any item we’d like!! Then we bring it home and use food as a way of celebrating with family and friends. It’s also a way to pass the time if we are bored. And to keep us company if we are lonely. And to distract us from the stressful times in our lives. Because of all of these roles that food has taken on, it’s almost as though food has become a friend. And just like in life, it’s important to choose our friends wisely.

So we can begin to look at food in two ways:

#1 – Food can be looked at as a friend – ONLY if you think of it as though you are choosing the best friends possible to have close to you in your life. [Fun sidenote: So we cut out McDonald’s because she has such a toxic personality! And we cut out pizza because he is a gossip. And we cut out chips, chocolate and candy because they have a bad attitude. And we also cut out ice cream because she never could keep a secret.] So if you’re keeping only the best possible friends / food in your life, make sure you include abundant amounts of fruit and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, avocados, and if you choose to eat meat products, make sure they are free range / grass fed / wild caught and antibiotic free. And as many organic options as you can. #2 – You can decide that food only has one purpose: to fuel your body. Food is only fuel. That’s it. We only NEED food for its nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can begin to stop relating food with comfort, loneliness, boredom and celebration. And appreciate it for what it is ~ the fuel your body needs to survive!


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